The Kenyan Government Gives Strict Restrictions on Leisure Rooms, Debates and Office Staff

Despite the fact that there is no new case of Corona virus, but the Kenyan government has announced some restrictions on the public. 

As of now supermarkets have been instructed to control the number of customers, with special attention being given to pregnant women, the elderly and the disabled. 

The entertainment centers close at 1:30 pm starting Monday next as efforts to control the Corona virus. 

Initially the recreational areas were allowed to serve up to five o'clock at night.
Dollars carrying 14 people are currently ordered to carry only eight passengers, with thirty passengers carrying only 60 percent of the passengers. 

The order also applies to train travel. Health officials will begin spraying pesticides in public places starting with the Gikomba mass market, on Saturday which is also a national prayer day.
Employers have been instructed to ensure that their employees are not in close proximity to the company and that the company will take action if they do not comply with it and their employees will be stuck with Corona. 

Kenya has taken several steps to try to combat the virus, including closing schools and universities across the country, limiting flights and banning public meetings and rallies.