Ezekiel Mutua BansTaka Taka The Hit Song By Alvindo


The Taka taka hitmaker Alvindo has been banned by the Ezekiel Mutua the Film Classification Chairperson. Alvindo is a young upcoming rapper.

Alvindo the TakaTaka hitmaker

Ezekiel Mutua went on to his twitter page and posted saying that the song brings hurting and the feeling of rejection.

“The song ‘Takataka’ is characterized by crude language that objectifies women and glorifies hurting them as a normal reaction to rejection” he said.

He however, did not explain as to why they did not restrict the song just after the release. It is not yet clearly but we think this is all brought by the violence on women.

The kfcb boss says the song is degrading women this is because of the content of the the song.

In the song Alvindo sings that he will go to a witch and kill the ex-girlfriend and also attend the funeral to celebrate.
On one of the T. V shows Alvindo said that he was expressing his true feelings.


The kfcb went on to add that the song justified hatred and hard feelings.

“The aggressive and sadistic attitude exhibited by Alvin seeks to not only incite men who face rejection by suitors, but also justifies hatred and hard feelings that come with possible rejection.” Tweeted the kfcb.


Ezekiel summed that the song was a ‘trash’


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