It’s Not A Gospel Song :Willy Paul Talks About His ‘Hallelujah’ Song.


Controversial singer Willy Paul has recently released a new hit song dubbed Hallelujah which has brought a shock to everyone.

In the song he featured Nandy a Tanzanian singer. The song has brought mixed reactions from the fans and other artists who did not understand whether its a gospel song.

Willy was even threatened to be sued by fellow artiste Ringtone who claimed that the song was a disrespect to the Christian faith.

Willy Paul has now set the records clear by saying that the song was not a gospel song but a love song. He added saying that he has some more projects that will be a shock.

“It’s not a gospel song, but ni Love song, alafu you know mimi ni artiste naruhusiwa kuimba, unajua kwanza nikifanya na Rayvvany watu walishangaa sana, nimefanya na Nandy pia wameshangaa, sasa jua wameshangaa ya kutosha sijui next project watafanya nini sasa.” He said.


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